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    When Abhishek talked about sex
    Abhishek Bachchan has an amzing sense of humour.

    On the sets of Sarkar Raj, when Ramu told little B to speak to villagers convincingly about any subject, while the actual dialogue would be dubbed later in the recording studio, he chose to talk about sex.

    As soon as the director called Ďactioní, Abhi began to give some sex education to the villagers. He spoke about the process of reproduction, the safety measures and also different positions of making out.

    All was well until the villagers, who were instructed to look serious, started laughing aloud when they finally understood what Abhishek was telling them. They all tried hard not to laugh.

    Ramu, who was at a distance, didn't know what was going on and why everybody was suddenly laughing when they were not supposed to. He immediately called 'Cut' and walked up to them.

    Thatís when Ramu realized that Abhishek is in his jocular mood again.



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