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    Default Abhishek follows Big B; to host show on Colors

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    After Superstar Amitabh bachchan's 'Pop Philosopher' act in the third season of the reality show 'Bigg Boss', his son and Bollywood heartthrob Abhishek Bachchan is all set to host a new show that will teach viewers to 'Do Aaram' (take rest) and still win exciting prizes.

    Junior Bachchan has been roped in by the channel to host an electrifying new reality show, 'IDEA National Bingo Night', a ''never-before-seen show'' seeking to provide the contestants a platform to do nothing, so to speak and yet win exciting prizes.

    To come on air this January, 'Idea National Bingo Night', will mark Abhishek's debut on the small screen. It is a concept in which not only the studio contestant but also the studio audience and the television viewers will participate in a game in real time -Playing two fast paced rounds of the popular guessing game 'Bingo' where the studio contestant plays one of many in-studio games, which is driven by the game ball numbers. The others, meanwhile, have to predict the numbers and match them with the tickets handed out to them.

    It's a game where not intellect but luck and good guesswork will determine the winners. Sources in Colors said the show is about fun and celebration with Abhishek's guests on the show, and a game all viewers can enjoy with the 'aaram' of a couch.

    What's more, as a part of the show's unique concept, instead of just being mute spectators, the viewers of the show both in and out of the studio will also participate live in it.

    The launch of the show was preceded by a flurry of marketing activity. The past few weeks, viewers of the channel got to see glimpses of Abhishek Bachchan reclining on an easy chair or dozing in a cozy bed announcing the launch of his 'Aaram Classes'.

    This show with an innovative international concept is being produced by Fox Television Studios India Pvt Ltd.

    Speaking about his television debut show, Abhishek Bachchan said, "National Bingo Night" is a fun filled show where the whole country will be my guest without applying any brains or answer any difficult questions. This is such a chilled out concept and something that has never been done before in India. The sheer simplicity of the idea and the fact that this show is highly interactive which attracted me to join the show as host.

    The idea here is that it's a show which is to be enjoyed by relaxing! That's why we came up with the concept of Aaram Classes...we want people to chill out and play this game. There's no stress, no tension involved at all! So tune in to learn 'aaram' and get ready for Bingo" Speaking about the show and Abhishek, programming head of Colors, Ashvini Yardi, said,''Abhishek Bachchan embodies the charm, the grace and the persona of the young India. His energy, spirit and infectious charm is something that will be refreshing for Indian television. This was the exact mix of qualities we were looking for in the person who would host this incredible new show and Abhishek is the perfect fit for this show'' ''With this show we are yet again taking ahead our promise of bringing innovative concepts and great entertainment to our audiences. With Abhishek hosting the show we are sure, the audiences will enjoy his style and impish sense of humour along with the fun-filled game of Bingo. We look forward to a wonderful innings with Abhishek on National Bingo Night as we welcome him warmly into our Colors family,'' Yadi said.

    Elaborating on the innovative marketing initiatives for the show, Rameet Arora, marketing head of Colors said, ''A unique show calls for unique ideas. When we decided to do this show, we knew that the promotion had to be unique. When we analysed the nature of this show, we realised that it was very different from any other show on television. It did not involve any application of brains or IQ or answering tough questions or engaging in any strenuous physical activity. Yet everyone is involved this is when we hit upon the concept of Abhishek's Aaram Classes.'' ''People today have a lot of worries and need to calm down and relax to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Aaram is almost aspirational, luckily, Abhishek fitted the bill of a relaxed and chilled out host so well that we decided to combine the concept of the show and his natural charm to create some very interesting promos, It was a lot of fun making those promos and they captured the mood of the game perfectly. We hope the audiences enjoy this show as much,'' Mr Arora said.

    'IDEA National Bingo Night' is a fun filled and electrifying game show with international format originally owned by 20th Century Fox Television Distribution, and which had run successfully in USA, Australia and Philippines.

    The launch of the show follows the successful hosting of the reality show 'Bigg Boss 3' by Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. The show ended last week with Vindu Dara Sigh winning the show.


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