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    Default Is this the end of Abhishek Bachchan's career?

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    In a career spanning a decade, Abhishek has starred in close to 50 films (Source : Wikipedia) which includes solo films, multi-starrers and about a dozen or so special appearances

    Out of which, roughly 40 plus films were commerical flops! And in the remaning 10 or so films which had a decent run at the box-office, almost half of them were multi-starrers

    Abhishek has had just two solo hits so far. Bunty aur Babli and Guru. Out of 50 films in a period of 10 years, just two films that achieved commerical success

    Unfortunately, despite being a decent film, KHJJK also seems to be a commerical disaster, the second one for Abhishek this year, followed by Raavan!

    Abhishek has proved to be a good actor many times, but his potential as a star in his own right has always been a big, huge question mark.

    So my topic of debate is, has Abhishek Bachchan's career come to an end?

    Or more interestingly, did he ever have a career in the first place?

    Or was it just Paa's second name that carried him this far?

    Would any other actor in his place (especially an outsider) have got so many oppourtunities to prove himself the way Abhishek got?

    In time, will Abhishek be remembered as a good actor, a flop actor, a middle-rung star or be forgotton completely, having made close to nil impact on bollywood during his era? Or remembered just for being Amitabh Bachchan's son and Aishwarya Rai's husband?
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    lol he will do a lot of flop films...his career not gunna end
    sorry dude .... Hash



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