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    All through the year 2009, there have been speculations around Mani Ratnam's Raavana. While there have been talks about the film getting delayed, off late there were also mumurs around Abhishek Bachchan delaying the film further.

    "That's far from true though", says a source attached to the film, "Yes, there have been delays due to some reasons or other but why would Abhishek cause any trouble to his own film? He is giving his all to the film and is least responsible for any delay whatsoever."

    Though Mani Ratnam was unavailable for comment, it is a known fact that due to the film maker's health reasons, Raavana had to be put on hold for some time. However, now as he back and kicking, the film's shooting has also resumed.

    "In any case, for Abhishek Raavana is special for number of reasons", adds the source, "He acknowledges the fact that two films that have got him most critical acclaim in his decade long career are Yuva and Guru.

    The sense of respect for him as an actor came to him after these two films. Mani Ratnam is an integral part of his film repertoire and he is pushing himself harder for Raavana."

    This indeed is true, courtesy the physical challenges that Abhishek has faced for the film. While in Yuva he was asked to put on weight, in case of Raavana he has been instructed to get a slimmer look. "He is enjoying it all though", the source comments.

    Well, there is another 'obvious' reason why Abhishek is enjoying shooting for Raavana. He is accompanied by wife Aishwarya Rai in the film. Call it coincidental but Mani factor has played a big role in their association.

    Laughs the source, "While in Guru they were dating each other, they are a married couple today and very much in love. This is a special film for Mani, Abhi as well as Ash and they are giving it all to make it an event in spite of all the delays."

    Also starring Govinda and Nikhil Dwivedi in key roles, Raavana is supposed to be a modern take on 'Ramayana' with Abhishek in the role of 'Ravana'. However, some sources have negated any similarities. With music by A. R. Rahman, the film could well see an early 2010 release.


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