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    Default Aamir's next titled Talaash

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    Aamir Khan has finally found a suitable title for his under-production film, which is being directed by Reema Kagti and stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji as the leading ladies.

    The suspense thriller, which is being co-produced by Aamir along with actorproducer-director Farhan Akhtar and his business partner of a decade, Ritesh Sidhwani, is now officially called Talaash. The producer trio and the director had been brainstorming on the title for a few months now. Like the genre of the movie, the name too has remained a mystery for the unit members, since the film went on the floors earlier this year.

    For the last few months, since there was no official or working title announced, names like An Act Of Murder, Razdaar and Dhuaan were floating around, and used everywhere in the public domain, including on websites like IMDB and Wikipedia.

    Aamir, who is collaborating with his co-producers a decade after Dil Chahta Hai (2001), says, "We'd never titled it Dhuaan. We don't know where the name came from. It's a suspense movie and there's little patchwork left on it. I've shot an underwater sequence in London with Kareena during the Diwali week. It gets a little annoying to answer questions posed with the wrong name of the film."

    The actor will be involved in every stage of the film's post-production in the capacity of both, lead actor and producer. Talaash will be the first big release after the IPL wraps up next year. The film's release date was pushed from January 26 to June 1 due to technical reasons.

    In the midst of post-production, the actor will also be shooting for his first non-fiction TV show based on social issues, which his company, Aamir Khan Productions, is producing. The show, once again, doesn't have a title. The actor-producer-director laughs, "It's a bit weird. Even here, we've not found a suitable title yet. But once we do, there will be an official announcement. Please don't title it before we do."

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    Talking Aamir Khan’s thriller ‘Dhuaan’ is now ‘Talaash’

    The Reema Kagti cop drama finally gets an official name.The suspense about the suspense thriller had spread beyond the story to its title in the last few months. Unconfirmed reports had claimed that it’s going to be called Dhuaan.With no official denial, everyone accepted it. That reportedly angered Aamir Khan enough for the star to actually text his crew members insisting in no uncertain terms that no one will call the film Dhuaan. While we wondered what Aamir has against the title, we heard something else. The movie actually has an official title. And – hold your breath – it’s Talaash! Yes, the Aamir Khan cop drama has finally been baptised. Honestly, we are disappointed. Dhuaan evokes images of mystery, smoky dens and ace villains while Talaash just reminds us of a horrible 2003 film starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. Suddenly our interest level has dipped. What about you? Which title do you prefer?

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