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    Closely guarded secret said to be out!
    Everyone knows Aamir Khan is playing a cameo role in wife Kiran Rao’s debut directorial film “Dhobi Ghat”. But it has now been reported that Aamir has a full-fledged role in the film. In fact, he plays the main lead in the film along with Prateik Babbar.

    It’s said to be a well-planned marketing strategy, which had been a closely guarded secret all this while.

    By promoting Aamir’s role as a cameo, the idea is to keep the audiences’ expectations at a low. People will go to the theatres to watch the film thinking Aamir will be in the movie for a short while. However, when they see Aamir in the lead they will be surprised and happy and will feel that they have got more than they expected, which will work in the favour of the film.

    Aamir is a master of marketing, and it will be no surprise if this strategy is actually his brainchild.

    Apparently, the marketing strategy of “Dhobi Ghat” was set in motion during the film’s shoot itself. There were reports from the sets that Kiran did not like Aamir interfering with her work and she even disliked her husband to be present on her sets. This apparently was done to convince the audience that Aamir has no role in the film.

    Now the film is complete and Aamir has reportedly shot for over 30 days. He plays the role of a painter who lives and works from his tiny studio-apartment in a noisy and congested Mumbai neighbourhood, and Prateik plays a dhobi who comes to his house on a regular basis.


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