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    Smile Aamir’s planned exit

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    He is spontaneously perfect when it comes to delivering his lines but the studied perfection seeko actor Aamir many a times plans his moves well in advance.

    We all know that the sudden disappearance of ‘Aamir’ was a planned act to promote his ‘3 Idiots’, but many didn’t know that the entire travel was conceptualized by Aamir and his team actually did a rekki four months before deciding on the place time and hour of the actor’s visit.

    Aamir knew where he will be going but he wasn’t aware of the people he will interact. This was done to keep the element of drama alive as the happenings where to be shot on a camera.

    Aamir said at a press conference yesterday, “I wanted to visit places in India”.

    He added, “The movie gave me a rare opportunity to connect with the people of India and understand them, it was an amazing experience.”

    The actor continued by saying, “My team visited all the places twice before I actually went there, they even searched for marriage dates falling during my visits so that I can attend them, I knew I will be disguised as a filmmaker at some particular place or someone else at some other place”

    The promotion was based on the story where Rancho the character I play disappears and his friends Sharman, Maddy and Kareena search for clues to find Rancho.

    It was similar, I disappeared and Maddy, Kareena and Sharman where giving clues at networking sites, chats interviews wherever possible,” he concluded with his trademark smile.

    Our bee is biting her nails and accepts that she has been done by the smart actor. She recalls that Aamir always promotes his film according to its subject and she should have realized that when he was declared ‘gayab’ at the press conference that day and instead of making chillamchilli at the press conference, she should have used her vast network and caught Aamir at Banaras, Paunjab, Ladakh, Chennai wherever possible.

    Hmmmm. ‘Idiots’……. No way.

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    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....

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