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    Default Aamir Khan Vs Shah Rukh Khan again

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    His latest comment once again makes it unlikely for the two greatest actors in Bollywood, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to work together in any Bollywood project soon.

    So far Aamir has always tried to ridicule Shah Rukh Khan on every occasion and every forum. From calling Shah Rukh Khan a person who always comes second to Aamir to naming his dog as Shah Rukh, he has done all.

    Shah Rukh Khan has always avoided falling in traps set by Aamir Khan. He has rarely replied to his barbs. While claiming that he is not on top, he never named anyone be it Salman, Aamir or Amitabh Bachchan.

    Aamir Khan in an interview with a leading newspaper says, ?I am least interested in dethroning him. He can be very happy with all the thrones and all the crowns. He has never hesitated in making fun of me. Even in his films he has made fun of Manoj Kumar and Dev Anand. It shows that he has a great sense of humour but where does it all go when I say humorous things about him? I remember him saying in one of his interviews that he was joking about calling himself No 1. I find it very funny as I have never seen anyone proclaiming, ?I am No 1′. Neither did Sachin Tendulkar ever say that he is No 1 nor did Lata Mangeshkar.I am saying all this in a lighter vein so he too should take my comments lightly. I think that his sense of humour suddenly disappears when it comes to me?.
    When Aamir threw the challenge to SRK by claiming that he is no. 1 Shah Rukh did not say a word against him. Instead he went on to say, ?Aamir is a dear friend and if he says that I?m second to him then it?s a great compliment to him?.oops that was a genuine slip of tongue (amidst peals of laughter)?I mean it?s a great compliment to me. We are complete opposites. He is an intelligent, intellectual person, I?m more physical. I do things. He thinks them out. I know his jokes, he knows mine. He is 100% No. 1?I just said Kkkk Kiran?he really loves Kkkkk Kiran?

    He went on to say, ?My wife has warned me if I say anything about Aamir she?ll beat me up. She is an Aamir Khan fan?.

    Now in a welcome gesture that would please millions of admirers of the two superstars Aamir has said what many had always wanted him to say, ?Of course, it is! I am open to working with SRK. I have no problems. Only thing, the script has to do justice to the two actors. I?m sure there?re a lot of capable directors who?d be interested in signing this combination?.



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