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    Red face Aamir Khan`s nephew has a press phobia

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    Aamir Khan`s nephew has a press phobia
    You must be thinking how the menacing bowler Imran Khan can be nervous in front of the media and that’s even after facing so many media events.

    But this is fortunately not about the pacy Pakistani wicket grabber Imran Khan but the newest face in the B-town gallery, Imran Khan, the nephew to the Bollywood’s perfectionist, Aamir Khan.

    Imran will shortly go through his first test in front of the audience of Hindi cinema as his ‘unknown flick’ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is on the verge of release.

    But the actor, despite facing camera for the span of shooting if a whole film, is still shy of facing media cameras.

    It was the event on Imran’s debut film in New Delhi where all the people present witnessed his nervousness in front of the media cameras.

    Eyewitnesses revealed how the boy shied his eyes away from the camera lenses and he even avoided eye contacts with media persons.

    Dressed up in a checked shirt along with denim jeans, Imran’s voice was stammering and he ran away from the queries made by the media regarding his movie.

    Until now, Imran has mostly been seen along with his uncle Aamir at the events and maybe Aamir’s absence was the reason behind his low confidence.

    So people, don’t take things to your heart if you see Imran attempting something bachkana in the flick as the child seems not grown up yet.



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