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    Default Will aamir khan abide by wife’s sweet will?

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    Aamir Khan is known for taking full interest in his films. That’s why he believes in quality and not quantity. We were happy to know that he has stopped interfering with his nephew Imran’s career. However, we learn with pain that he is busy poking his nose into the affairs of wife Kiran’s debut directorial ‘Dhobi Ghaat’. Kiran is aware of her husband’s habit of interfering but has so far managed to keep him at bay by giving strict instructions to her unit to not discuss the film with him and also stuck a stern ‘No Entry’ board for him on the sets! But Aamir is Aamir and doesn’t stop itching to discuss the film with her. Though on a family holiday to the States, Aamir has been broaching the subject with her.

    Initially, Kiran tried to brush off his questions, but Aamir was persistent. Every dinner and outing would see Aamir bring up his pet topic, much to Kiran’s annoyance. It came to a point where Kiran couldn’t deal with it anymore and clearly told Aamir that they were there on a holiday and if she had to be talking about work, then she might as well go back. That made it very clear that Kiran wasn’t going to let Aamir indulge in her directorial debut. But it’s anybody’s guess if Aamir would abide by his wife’s sweet will.

    In the other case, the family will have to cut short the holiday and be ready to quarrel with each other. Would both buy peace for the time being?

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