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    Being good-looking does not always work to one’s advantage. Take the case of Pakistani actor Humayan Saeed. Although he has got rave reviews for his debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s Jashnn, he lost out on playing the title role in Aamir Khan’s Ghajini only because of his looks.

    The actor, who was in India for the release of Jashnn, says that Aamir had decided to meet him after he had seen the clips of his debut Pakistani film, Inteha.

    Talking about his meeting with Aamir, Humayan said, “I had come down (to India) to meet Aamir for Ghajini. But the moment he saw me, he said, ‘Arrey, you are too good-looking to play Ghajini in my film.’ Aamir Khan’s uncle, H Rehmati, who is a film distributor in Pakistan, had distributed Inteha (1998) in which I had done a negative role. I guess that is how Aamir thought I would suit the role. But he was very disappointed when he saw me.”

    The title role in Ghajini was finally played by Pradeep Rawat.

    Incidentally, Humayan is popularly known as Pakistan’s Shah Rukh Khan. Like SRK, he too is an actor-cum-producer and makes films and TV serials. And that’s not all. “I am known in Pakistan to take awards year after year,” he added.

    Now that he has made splash in Bollywood, Humayan has set his sights higher. He said, “I have been talking to producers but as of now nothing has come my way. I am certainly looking forward to doing more films here.” Humayan will soon be returning to India to cast Indian actors for his films and television shows.


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