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    Default 《《 Aakashdeep flirts with Negar Khan 》》

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    Looks like Shweta Tiwari’s untimely exit from the show hasn’t made any difference to the mood in the camp. All of them have hit it off very well with the new entrant Negar Khan. In fact, the unpredictable Aakashdeep Saigal told Negar that he knows how to help women; he also claimed that he could help her with her makeup, her hair wash, everything.

    Buzz up!
    Looks like this bad boy is on a mission to impress Negar! He has not left any opportunity to get close to her, and at times hugs and kisses her too. But he is not alone in wooing the lady, even Aman Verma, who we thought would sulk after Shweta's exit, sang songs for her and in return Negar obliged by dancing with Mona for them.


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