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    Default 2011 will witness a slew of 3D films

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    More and more film-makers are jumping on the bandwagon. More than two decades ago, CHHOTA CHETAN [1984] triggered the trend of making 3D films in India. After the success of that film, almost every film-maker felt that they had found the formula to lure audiences in hordes. In fact, there was a mad rush to make 3D films then, but the failure of a few films put sudden brakes on the production of 3D films.

    But this trend [3D films] seems to be on a revival. Vikram Bhatt's next film HAUNTED is in 3D. Ramgopal Varma is making a 3D film as well. BLUE director Anthony D'Souza did a comprehensive course in America to get the 3D technique right, while Shirish Kunder has officially announced JOKER in 3D. An actor/film-maker, who's making an ambitious project right now, is also planning to convert it to 3D. Besides, a slew of 3D projects are in the pipeline. Let's hope the bubble doesn't burst faster than expected this time.



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