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    Default Parampara 1992 1/3 OrignalDvdRip Xvid Ac3 E-Subs

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    Parampara 1992 1/3 OrignalDvdRip Xvid Ac3 E-Subs

    Directed by:

    Yash Chopra
    Writing credits:

    Aditya Chopra, Honey Irani

    Action, Romance
    In a remote region in India there has been a tradition of settling differences by fighting a duel with pistols with only one bullet in each of them. Such was the duel fought by Shankar and Thakur Bhavani Singh, with the latter emerging as the victor. Years later, Bhavani's son, Prithvi, returns from London, meets Shankar's son, Gora and daughter, Tara, befriends them, and eventually both Tara and Prithvi fall in love with each other. When Bhavani finds this out, he wants Prithvi to marry Rajeshwari, who comes from a rich family, and will destroy Gora Shankar and his tribe of gypsies. Unable to make up his mind, Prithvi ends up marrying both women, leading to Tara giving birth to a son, Pratap. Bhavani is enraged when he this out, he has Tara and a lot of their people slain, and their homes torched. Gora himself is arrested by the police, and sentenced to several years in prison. When he is discharged, he asks Bhavani for a duel, but Prithvi intervenes and is killed. Gora takes Pratap to live with him, while Rajeshwari gives birth to a boy, Ranvir, who is raised and brought up by Bhavani. Years later, Pratap and Ranvir meet as strangers, become friends, only to find out that there is an old score to be settled - which can only be done when they follow the time-old tradition of the duel - resulting in only one man surviving. The question remains, who will survive this time.
    Sunil Dutt, Vinod Khanna, Aamir Khan, Ashwini Bhave, Raveena Tandon, Neelam, Vikas Anand, Aloka Mukherjee, Mukesh Rishi, Vinod Raut, Tinnu Verma, Master Wajid, Master Rizwan, Anupam Kher, Saif Ali Khan



    .. K i n g o f M o v i e   ..   P r a u d l e y p r e g a n t s ..
    Genre............: Action | Romance   
    Years............: 1992
    Director.........: Yash Chopra 
    Source...........: Dvd9 @ DUS 
    Ripper...........: K!|0  
    Size.............: 1.45gb
    Audio Language...: Hindi
    Subtitles........: English 
    Length...........: 2h 27m  
    Video............: XviD @ 1180 Kbps
    Container........: Avi 
    Aspect...........: 672 x 352
    Audio............: Ac3 @ 224 kbps 6 Chan.Dolby
    Framerate........: 23.976 Fps

    Credit To Orignal Ripper K!l0




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