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    Run is about male bonding and friendship where three friends pull out all the stops to help another friend realise his dream of marrying his true love, the daughter of his father’s political opponent. Jit (Rahul) is the leader of the gang, Riki (Abhiraj) is in love with Barsha, the only daughter of a rich man while Ghana (Biswa) is a side-kick who is slightly stupid but physically very strong. Jit’s girlfriend Megha (Priyanka) has given up studies after Class VIII and is busy hogging whatever she can lay her hands on like Ghana, the sidekick. Her father has no problems about her intention to marry Jit but on condition that Jit bags a government job. Obviouly, he does not because getting a job, government or no government, is not at all a priority.


    Rahul, Priyanka, Abhiraj, Arnab, Biswa, Pamela, Shinjini, Ramen Roychoudhury, Arpita Baker, Debraj Roy, Santana Basu, so on...

    ---Director & Producer ---

    Swapan Saha--Pradip Bharadwaj

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