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    Default High voltage drama unfolds in Balika Vadhu!

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    Bunch of secrets to be revealed in the coming episodes of Colors' Balika Vadhu...

    Colors' Balika Vadhu has always been consistent in maintaining the top position on the popularity charts and with a promise to push the TRPs high up, the serial will see some heavy duty drama in the coming week.

    Buzz is that Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) who stood for the Panchayat elections will successfully win the battle against all the other contenders.

    An anonymous source states, "Now the story will focus on Phooli (Mamta Chaturya) and Bharat (Sumit Malhan) and will introduce a new tradition which is practiced in villages named 'Naata Pratha'. Naata Pratha is a tradition where a husband through this tradition can bring another woman just for the sake of a child, only if his wife fails to conceive in their married life."

    Now you must be wondering what does Bharat-Phooli have to do with this tradition. The source reveals, "As it has been shown that Phooli has delivered a child and soon after this development, Bharat and the whole family will start ignoring Phooli for some reason. Even she will start feeling the difference. Once Bharat will be seen accompanying a lady who will start taking care of the child and when Phooli questions him about the lady, Bharat arrogantly introduces her to be his wife and the child belongs to her and not Phooli. This will break Phooli's heart into pieces. Further it will be revealed that Phooli actually has been brought to this family through the tradition of Naata Pratha to just give a child to the family and she was kept aloof of this truth."

    Apart from this development Svetlana Mishra last seen in Mata Ki Chowki will enter as Bharat's wife.

    While Mamta Chaturya and Svetlana Mishra remained unavailable, Sumit Malhan states, "I can't reveal much as it's an interesting track. So the audience will have to wait and witness the whole drama."

    This upcoming sequence is definitely worth a dekho.



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