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    Default Sumitra and Jagya argue; Sumitra goes missing

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    After a heated argument Sumitra goes missing in Colors' Balika Vadhu

    It's the mother Sumitra's (Smita Bansal) turn now to have a heart to heart conversation with her son Jagya (Shashank Vyas) in Colors' Balika Vadhu.

    An upset Sumitra comes to Mumbai all alone to meet Jagya, after she gets to know all the fact from her husband Bhairon (Anup Soni). And after the father-son's heated argument, it is up to the mother to salvage the pride of her family and get Jagya on the right path and unite him with Anandi.

    Will Sumitra succeed? Let's check it out with sources.

    A little birdie tells us, "Sumitra comes all alone to Mumbai, and gets fooled by the taxi driver. Ultimately the mother and son meet on a road after she calls her son to help her out from a pubic booth. Jagya and Sumitra go to the nearby beach and start their conversation. As the typical mother, Sumitra tries to convince her son in nice words to begin with. The emotional talk reaches a high when Jagya tells his mom that she should be supporting her own son in this case rather than Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee). Sumitra disapproves of his decision and the two have an argument. Both have their own view points and are not able to understand the other person's thought process. At the end of it, a frustrated Sumitra ends up slapping Jagya and abruptly leaves the place. She will not go back home, and this creates a panic situation in the family. When Jagya gets to know that his mother has not got back, he desperately searches for her".

    Will this lead to Jagya getting a change of heart?

    Let's wait and watch..



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