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    Default Balika Vadhu - 31st March 09 Written Update

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    Maasi n Sumitra cum back to the haveli..Jagya introduces Anandi to Maasi ji who gives Anandi shagun n praises her...Jagya asks wat she bought for him...she gives him computer games...he asks Basanth to buy him a computer, basanth says he will tell Bhairav to buy him one. Maasi has bought a walkman radio for Sugna...maasa says how can Sugna listen to music before Pratap's 1st death anniversary....Maasi says fine she'll give it to Sugna after a year but in the mean time Maasa should listen to it...Maasa is kinda amazed by the walkman...

    Later at the dinner table Maasa is saying ?Maasi has bought great gifts for everyone...esp computer games...she misprounces computer n all laugh...Maasa says she has a wonderful, happy family hich is complete...Maasi says how can it be complete without Sugna being there with them..Maasa says that Sugna cannot live in the house for a year...Maasi ji says fine i will go to her,,she takes her plate n Anandi asks if she can go with her and Maasi says yes.

    Sugna is looking at the plain food a lil reductantly goes to eat it when Maasi cums in and says that if Sugna doesnt want to eat this plain food she doesnt have...she goes to feed Sugna the food she bought from the haveli...Sugna refuses for a while saying Dadisa will never agree..Maasi ji explains to her and says that Maasa has tied the house down with traditions and customs and that she(Maasi ji) will break them all slowly...She feeds Sugna the food who crys but eats it.

    At night Maasi ji is in Maasa's room...she is explaining to Maasa that she shud support Sugna not be against her.. she says we are the ones that made society and these rules...but whats the point of rules that stop a person from living their life freely.... MAasi ji gets up to leave but stops and hugs Maasa and wishes her a Happy Birthday and goes...Maasa sits down and thinks over MAasi ji's words

    Precap: gehna is abt to drink water but realises its been there since yesterday so gets up to get sum more water...Basanth is calling someone...Gehna drops the glass of water on the floor

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