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    Default Balika Vadhu 24th may 2011 Written Update

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    The episode begins with Anandi sending a mail to Jagya. She tells him that she is writing this mail for Dadisa's sake and not out of her choice. She asks him why he lied to her about his relationship with Gauri in spite of her specifically asking him if he is in love with someone else. She tells him that she has a right to know it especially since she is his wife and more so because it is related to her as well. But he did not have to courage to tell the family or her about his relationship with G. She also tells him that they shared a very close bond with each other as husband and wife and also as good friends. For the sake of friendship atleast he could have been honest with her. If he did not value that too then for the sake of his family he should have told the truth. but he disregarded them as well. They were instrumental in everything he is today but what he gave in return to them is only grief, loneliness and disgrace. She asks him why did he do all this? Gehna sees A writing all this to J. A tells her that she did it for DS sake. Gehna tells A that she did the right thing by questioning J. She hopes that this letter and DS desire comes true and J comes back to them. ..
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