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    Default Balika Vadhu 19th October Written Update

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    Highlights : Bhairav regrets opposing Maasa
    Basanth is out to kill Mahavir Singh
    Anandi is revealed

    Maasa's past story continues ...

    Kalyani comes to the haveli. She takes her husband's photo, some of her sarees, some jewellery. She remembers her husband and cries. She comes to the living room and displays the contents of her trunk. Mahavir taunts her, but is silenced by the panchayat. As kalyani begins to leave, Mahavir accuses her of being characterless. Kalyani gets mad and slaps him. Mahavir vows to avenge his insult..

    Maasa tells her children that she had to start her life afresh after leaving Nagore. She tells her children that they can leave her and go their way if they wanted to. Bhairav is repentant and cries at Maasa's feet, asking her to forgive him. Basanth is very upset after hearing the story and starts muttering Mahavir's name angrily

    Basanth goes up in a hurry and graps his rifle. Bhairav and Maasa try to stop him, but Basanth leaves in a hurry vowing to kill Mahavir. Bhairav follows him. Maasa cries that she feared this would happen and worries for her sons' safety. Her bheendni's console her. Basanth drives real fast to Mahavir's haveli, followed by Bhairav.

    Basanth reaches the haveli and shouts out for Mahavir. Anandi hears him and comes running. Basanth walks up to Mahavir and points his rifle at him. Mahavir tries to reason with him, but Basanth is not ready to listen. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Bhairav comes there and stops Basanth. As he is reasoning with Basanth, Anandi calls out to them.

    B&B are shocked to see Anandi there. Mahavir uses this opportunity and tries to bad-mouth Maasa, saying she was too heartless to help her relatives, while Mahavir took care of Khajan and family. He also tells B&B that he told Maasa about this, but looks like she chose to ignore her folly. Basanth threatens Mahavir to stop bad-mouthing Maasa. Bhairav tells Anandi to tell them everything. Anandi tells them the whole story and Bhairav is shocked...

    Precap : Basanth tells Anandi to come with them. Mahavir reminds them of his debt. Bhairav slams money on the table and asks Khajan and family to leave. Bhago refuses, saying they were only bothered about their ego and not about helping them....

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