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    Default Balika Badhu 11th may 2011 written update

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    Scene continues from Jagya telling Sumitra that he doesn't love Anandi. Sumitra doesn't beleive this and thinks Jagya thinks like that because of time apart, but he infact loves Anandi. Jagya says that is not so. Jagya says he has to think of his future. Sumitra asks what about Anandi's future. Jagya says he is not fated to be with Anandi. He wants to be with someone else. He tells about loving Gauri and wants to be with her since she is his equal. He belittles Anandi again.

    Sumitra tells Jagya to reconsider, since she feels Jagya will never get a better wife than Anandi. Jagya says he feels awkward that his parents had to come so far to convince him when he has already made up his mind. Sumitra says she feels she had to do this for her child. She starts to walk away sadly.Jagya tries to stop her. Sumitra says there is no use of her staying as Jagya has made up his mind."....
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