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    Default Dwarf community stands up for Bharti in Baba Aiso Varr..

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    Around 30-40 dwarfs gather to fight against the injustice meted on Bharti in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo..

    Differences between Bharti (Juhi Aslam) and Murli (Vikrant Massey) have multiplied due to the troubled situations between the two families in Imagine and Raakesh Paswan, Nikhil Sinha's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo. There will be one major explosion in the coming episodes, when Murli will disown Bharti!!

    Our reliable source informs, "Murli will disown Bharti which will bring about a big chaos. Bharti gets stuck between her in-laws and parents, and tries hard to solve the problems. A journalist unfortunately witnesses the whole drama and understands that Bharti is going thro' trauma just because she is a dwarf".

    "The journo prints the whole situation in a major publication, and this comes to the notice of a dwarf community. About 30-40 dwarfs enter the house and protest against the whole family", adds our source.

    We hear that there was a very disturbing scene shot recently, when the dwarfs forcefully paint the faces of every member in Murli's family with black color, so that they go thro' a lot of shame and humiliation. They even put a garland of shoes on them.

    We tried contacting Murli aka Vikrant Massey and he says, "Yes, this sequence is going to be a big drama point".

    That's really going to be an electrifying scene to see all the dwarfs entering the show to stand for Bharti!

    This episode will be aired on Monday.



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