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    Default Happy Valentine Day

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    Happy Valentine Day

    Love,they say is patient,
    love,they say is kind
    It sees beyond the faults,
    For love,they say,is blind.
    Love does not diminish
    Or rust and fade with years
    But gain its strength from time
    Laughter,joy and tears.
    Love is God's own gift to us
    At present from above
    He gives us peace,Hegives us joy,
    But first he gives us love.

    • Love is composed of single soul inhabiting two bodies
    • A flower cannot blossom without sunshine,and a man cannot live without love
    • A heart once poisined by suspicion has no longer room for love
    • A youth love is more passionate;virgin love is more idoltrous
    Across the gate way of my heart
    I wrote"No thoroughfare"
    But love came laughing by,
    And cried"I enter everywhere"

    And love is loviest When embalm'd in tears

    Happy Valentine Day To You All
    How would you guyzz wanna spend your valentine day??
    I do lots of shopping in the evening!!
    What About you____?

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    same to u

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    Thanks For Sharing!!!!!



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