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    Default Ghostbusters Filmations Season 1 [32-32][DvD9][Eng-Spa][Animation][1986]

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    ORIGINAL TITLE: Ghostbusters Filmations
    YEAR: 1986
    DURATION: 25 min.
    DIRECTOR: Tom Sito, Ed Friedman, Tom Tataranowicz, Bill Nunes, Ernie Schmidt, Lou Kachivas, Marsh Lamore, Richard Trueblood, Bill Reed, Gwen Wetzler
    SCRIPT: Robby London, Barry O'Brien, Marc Richards, Bob Forward, J. Larry Carroll, Rowby Goren, Don Heckman, Len Riley, Candace Howerton
    MUSIC: Billy Alessi, Bobby Alessi
    PHOTOGRAPHY: Animation
    CAST: Animation
    PRODUCER: Filmation Associates / Tribune Broadcasting Company
    Genre: TV Series. Animation. Fantastico. Kids | Supernatural. Ghosts. Spin-off
    SYNOPSIS: The first of the series based on the Ghostbusters film franchise, the company created by Filmation, and told a story quite different from those of the movie, including characters like a gorilla in the group of paranormal experts. Subsequently, The Real Ghostbusters Release (1986), the official adaptation of Ivan Reitman's script, and in 1997 Extreme Ghostbusters

    Video: DVD9 Full Intact
     Screen Format: Fullscreen
     DVD Quantity: 6
     Chapters: 32
     Menu: Yes
     Extras If Content: 6 Discs
     Image: Pal - Widescreen 4:3
     Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Spanish and English Latin
     Subtitles: Castilian
     Total Length: 688 minutes
     Area: Free

    DVD 01
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 530.38 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 1.36 kb
    Code: CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part01.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part02.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part03.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part04.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part05.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part06.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part07.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part08.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part09.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part10.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.part11.rar CazaT1D1 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 02
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 529.99 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 1.36 kb
    Code: CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part01.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part02.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part03.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part04.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part05.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part06.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part07.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part08.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part09.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part10.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.part11.rar CazaT1D2 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 03
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 559.60 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 1.36 kb
    Code: CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part01.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part02.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part03.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part04.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part05.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part06.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part07.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part08.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part09.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part10.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.part11.rar CazaT1D3 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 04
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 551.05 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 1.36 kb
    Code: CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part01.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part02.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part03.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part04.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part05.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part06.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part07.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part08.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part09.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part10.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.part11.rar CazaT1D4 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 05
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 553.51 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 1.36 kb
    Code: CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part01.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part02.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part03.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part04.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part05.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part06.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part07.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part08.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part09.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part10.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.part11.rar CazaT1D5 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 06
    partes: 10 partes de 700 mb + 1 de 323.08 mb
    Archivo de comprobacion SFV: 1 de 654 b
    Code: CazaT1D6 by pomposos.part1.rar CazaT1D6 by pomposos.part2.rar CazaT1D6 by pomposos.part3.rar CazaT1D6 by pomposos.part4.rar CazaT1D6 by pomposos.part5.rar CazaT1D6 by pomposos.sfv
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