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    Default Black Cat [2005][DVD5][NTSC][24/24][Ing-Jap-Lat Sub.Lat][Anime][FS-WU]

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    Original title: Black Cat (Burakku Kyatto)
    Broadcast started: October 6, 2005
    End of issue: March 30, 2006
    Length: 25 minutes per chapter
    Country: Japan
    Director: Shin Itagaki
    Written by: Shuuichi Kouyama, Yuichiro Takeda (Comic: Kentaro Yabuki)
    Music: Taku Iwasaki
    Starring: Animation
    Distributor: FuNanimatioN
    Creator: Kentaro Yabuk
    Studio: Gonzo
    Genre: Action, bounty hunter, Martial Arts, Shounen
    Synopsis: An organization called Chronos governs in the shadows much of the political and economic activities in search of order. Its members killed without mercy everything that goes wrong or opposes them..

     Screen Format: Fullscreen
     AUDIO: Dolby Digital 2.0
     AUDIO LANGUAGES: Spanish, Latin, English, Japanese
     Subtitles: Spanish Latino
     VIDEO: Uncompressed
     MENU: Yes
     EXTRAS: If
     DVD Quantity: 6
     Number of chapters: 24
     AREA: Free Zone

    DVD 01
    DVD 02
    DVD 03
    DVD 04
    DVD 05
    DVD 06

    DVD 01
    Code: cat D1 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D1 by pomposos.part10.rar cat D1 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 02
    Code: cat D2 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D2 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D2 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 03
    Code: cat D3 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D3 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D3 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 04
    Code: cat D4 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D4 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D4 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 05
    Code: cat D5 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D5 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D5 by pomposos.sfv
    DVD 06
    Code: cat D6 by pomposos.part01.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part02.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part03.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part04.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part05.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part06.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part07.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part08.rar cat D6 by pomposos.part09.rar cat D6 by pomposos.sfv
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