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    Default 26/11: A run down memory lane?

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    Teledom stars relive the terror filled days...

    26 November 2008, a date that none of us Indians can ever forget; the date when the whole world came to a standstill. The Mumbai Terror attacks shook not just the Indians but the whole world. How much ever we move on life, the day always takes us back to those negative memories which gives us goose bumps. We realize that whatever we do, we cannot bring back the lives of the innocent and the brave officers who fought for us. To salute, pray and remember them on this day, we go back to the original downfall that divided the city into pieces. Our television stars recall that very moment

    Sanaya Irani who stays in Colaba describes the whole incident afresh, "I was at home when the attacks took place. Though at home we were unaware of what was happening outside. My production called me up asking if I had reached home safe and sound as there were attacks happening at the CST station. Even after that we did not bother to switch on the television. After a while our whole building shook very badly and we thought it was an earthquake. After which we got a call and after that we switched on the television. We could see straight from my house what was happening at Trident. Though we could not hear the gun shots, every blast was clearly visible. The junction where Kasab was shot is next to our house. It so happened that we were witnessing the events in front of us and then we watched it on TV. I did not move from the television for two days and was sleepless. And the most annoying part was that even after this, I was called for a shoot after two three days when the curfew was on. Today when I hear the sound of a cracker, flashes of incidents come into my mind and I always think of the blast. I know that we cannot do anything to the people who lost their loved ones because only they know what they went through. I just hope nothing happens henceforth."

    Neil Bhatt speaks, "My friends had come down to Mumbai during that time and we were on our way to the town for the visit as they all had come for the first time here. And I had planned to go to Gateway of India and Marine Drive that time. We reached Bandra when I got a call from my mom asking where I reached. No sooner did she knew where we were than she immediately asked me to return home. She told me that there are attacks all over the city and I should immediately return home."

    Drashti Dhami shares, "I was doing Dill Mill Gayye at that time and I was at the shoot. I did not know what was happening in the town area until one of my friends called and informed me. Since he is a prankster I did not believe initially, but when he told me to call up my mother and switch on the television, the news really sunk in."

    Abhinav Shukla speaks, "I was in Mumbai only when the incident took place and one of my old buddies was there with me. We actually drove throughout the city that night and we heard gunshots when we reached near Trident. I remember when we were crossing Juhu cops were pointing guns at us. They asked us to get out of the car so that they could check everything properly. They left us after proper checking and interrogation."

    On the day, how can we pay tribute to the martyrs who fought their life to save people?

    Angad Hasija, "I as an individual will go to Sai Baba temple and definitely pray for the casualties, the memory of which is still fresh in my mind."

    Srishty Rode frankly speaks, "No one wants to remember the memories of destruction. Everyone is so busy that there is no time to even dwell about it. I do feel the people who died for no fault of their own have left their families suffering and human loss can't be compensated"

    Raakesh Paswan, 'What happened on 26-11 was definitely unfortunate and the idea of paying tribute for terror attacks as it's based in Mumbai is a good idea. But then audiences watch TV shows for drama and entertainment. May be separate documentaries can be made to highlight the solidarity and pay the tribute"

    Sulagna Panigrahi, "I deeply feel for the victims of 26/11 and I can only pay tribute by praying that it should never happen again."

    Romit Raj, "It's a sad truth but a man who killed Indians is being kept alive and our government is spending 50 crores on just him. I wish we had put that money into the slums of Mumbai or given those to slum kids' schools and free hospitals. We should have a rule which is followed in Dubai; you steal and your hands are chopped off. We should not let anyone take our country's self respect for granted. Tribute is a very strong emotion but before that we need to give justice to the families who are affected and make strict rules so that there are no such attacks again. I pray that our brave policemen get well equipped with guns and bullet proof jackets. I feel we should have a tribute for the brave police men who fought the terrorists without bullet proof jackets for the lives of Mumbai; it's unfair to blame them to their sacrifice. I pray to God that our armed forces and police force get all the best facility to safe guard for country."

    Manish Raisinghania asserts, "I as an individual believe that the change begins from "Me" then my surroundings and then the society. I take charge of my own self first and responsibility of my surroundings to ensure that there is going to be harmony peace and love in me and around me"

    Even after completing four grieving years the whole of the world still cannot digest the reality that Ajmal Aamir Kasab is still under the 'secure' hands of the Indian Government. Is this what we call a moral responsibility?



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