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    Exclamation 2011 Online Post Rules - Last Updated 17th November 2011

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    NOTICE TO MODS & Users Video Uploders Who post here -

    - Its not necessary that if u make new thread then that must be sticky Do not sticky ur post unless its needed .. like if its new movie nd its not sticky yet then u can stick that thread otherwise not !!!!

    - Guys If there is already sticky post of same movie dunt stick ur thread again ! i already sent u message if u do that again nd again then from now that thread will be deleted thanx !!!!!!

    No more than 1 thread by single person for same movie, if you add new links or better quality you can just reply instead of making new thread unless it's after a month or more.

    Do not reply in your threads without any proper reason (replying links are still working, report me if any links dead is not allowed, you can just put that in your main post).

    3. Don't make new IDs and reply in your own threads.

    Pages which have unnecessary popups are not allowed.

    5. Pages which are advertising other forums or site which has similar content to this site are not allowed.

    6. No Staff is allowed to pin there own threads.

    We want to Give Quality of Content Videos & be fair with everyone who are sharing their links here so everyone must follow these rules.

    Note -
    If you don't follow then your posts/threads may be deleted and you may lose access to post in this section.
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    Rules are updated nd last warning for all !



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