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    Cool Tridev DVD 1989 - Online/Download

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    Karan (Sunny Deol) is a brave and honest police inspector who causes problems for the criminals in Mumbai, including Bhujang (Amrish Puri). His henchman try to get rid of Karan by framing him and getting him posted in some remote village called Madhavpur. Karan sets to put things right there too, and gets into confrontations with the locals who do not abide by the law. One of the lawbreakers in Madhavpur is Jay Singh (Naseeruddin Shah), who is a charming but reckless villager always ready to fight for the oppressed. After some initial tensions between them, Karan and Jay become friends. Jackie Shroff plays Ravi, son of the Mumbai Police Commissioner (Anupam Kher). After his sister Divya (Madhuri Dixit) is kidnapped by Bhujang, Ravi rescues her and then surprisingly joins Bhujang's criminal empire secretly wanting to get his own revenge on Bhujang. After many attempts on life, and few resurrections (sic. Dev means God) the three join forces to destroy Bhujang's criminal empire with everything in it. The three leading ladies provide the love interests of the three heroes

    Hum Tanhayion Se Nahi Mahfilo Se Darte Hai
    Hum Zamane Se Nahi Apne Aap Se Darte Hai

    Yoh Toh Bahut Kuch Koya Hai Humne
    Najane Kyun Apko Khone Se Darte Hai

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    Nice work.



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