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    Default Memsahab - Lost In Mirage (2009) - Dvd Rip - Watch Online (EHQ Dailymotion & Zshare)

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    Star Cast: Yukta Mookhey...... Anjali,Vijay Raaz,Govind Namdeo...... Kashinath, Rajpal Yadav, Ehsaan Khan...... Lalji, Manish Anand, Akshay Verma...... Nandu, Nilanjana Bhattacharya, Rafique Khan...... Rahul, Shoorveer Tyagi, Rajeeta Kochar, Milind Inandar, Shabnam Kapoor
    Genre: Social
    Producer: Kailash Shukla
    Director: Arshad Siddiqui
    Cassettes and CD's on: L S Music
    Lyricist: Ibrahim Ashq
    Music Director: Sunil Singh
    Choreography: Jay Borade, Vicky Khan
    Action: Hanif Sheikh
    Art: Sunil Singh
    Editor: Bibhuti Bhushan
    Sound: Buta Singh
    Story / Writer: Arshad Siddiqui

    Plot: Memsahab is based on the cruel incidents post the 1984 riots between a section of Hindus and the Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of North India.. Ensuing these riots, the Sikhs were targeted by the hindu fundamentalists and several Sikh families were ruined.

    Yukta Mookhey plays the character of Anjali, who is a victim of the riots and is pushed into prostitution. This young girl Anjali’s mother is raped by the villains and her father is shot dead. What an horrifying impact would this have on the girl! This Anjali grows up with such traumatic memories of her childhood.

    Some unexpected incidents take place and she stumbles upon the killers of her parents. She starts searching for them and hunting them one by one. In the process where she takes revenge on the killers of her dad, she realizes that the violence wouldn't help her get back her victimized parents. She then realizes that even after taking revenge she still could not erase her traumatic memories of childhood. Wisdom dawns on her and then she takes startling decision in the end.
    About the performances, Govind Namdeo as Kashinath plays a negative role and the culprit of destroying the family of Anjali in 1984 riots. Yukta, as she grows with fire of taking revenge, Rufee Khan as her aficionado Rahul is okay. Vijay Raaz and Rajpal Yadav do not impress much, so does the direction.

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