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    Default Ab Tak Chhappan (2004) DVD Rip Watch Online On Dailymotion

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    Nana Patekar - Sadhu Agashe
    Yashpal Sharma - Imtiaz Siiddiqui
    Prasad Purandhare - Don Zameer
    Nakul Vaid - Jatin Shukla
    Kunal Vijaykar - Francis

    Production Credits
    Director: Shimit Amin
    Producer: Ram Gopal Varma

    Sadhu Agashe began his career with the Mumbai police several years ago and was initially asked to work at a desk job, writing up First Information Reports, and never got to use his gun. Then he was promoted to the plain-clothes crime branch division, and that's when he stopped writing reports and started to use his gun. He heads a team of four outstanding officers, who obey him without question. When Police Commisisoner Pradhan retires, his position is taken up by M.I. Suchek, who dislikes Agashe. Soon, Agashe becomes a target of inner politics, his wife gets killed during a wedding ceremony, and he himself gets arrested by none other than his subordinate, Imitiaz Siddique, who has been asked to kill Agashe in a sting. The people participating in this killing are none other than Agashe's subordinates - the very ones he had trained to kill and obey orders without question

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